The International Center for Electronic Commerce ( is the first institute dedicated to international e-commerce founded by Prof. Jae Kyu Lee of KAIST (President of the Association for Information Systems, 2015-2016 and currently, chair professor of Yonsei Univ.) in order to promote e-commerce worldwide. Under the initial goal of becoming a global leader in the e-commerce sector by developing and transferring e-commerce technology, enacting relevant laws and rules, establishing improvement measures, jointly conducting R&Ds for e-commerce technology and having e-transactions with the global community, the ICEC developed e-commerce and e-payment softwares for which was open in September 1st 1997 and thereby has made great contributions to the development of the e-commerce industry.

Also, it launched the International Conference on Electronic Commerce in 1998 and has played important roles as an international research center in e-commerce.  Since 2014, Prof. Kyoung Jun Lee of Kyung Hee University has served as the 2nd director.

Starting first conference held in 1998 in Seoul, ICEC has visited more than 15 cities around the world (1st, 1998, Seoul, Korea; 2nd, 2000, Seoul, Korea; 3rd, 2001, Vienna, Austria; 4th, 2002, Hong Kong; 5th, 2003, Pittsburgh, U.S.A; 6th, 2004, Delft, Netherlands; 7th, 2005, Xian, China; 8th, 2006, Fredericton, Canada; 9th, 2007, Minneapolis, U.S.A; 10th, 2008, Innsbruck, Austria; 11th, 2009, Taipei, Taiwan; 12th, 2010, Hawaii, U.S.A; 13th, 2011, Liverpool, UK; 14th, 2012, Singapore; 15th, 2013, Turku, Finland; 16th, 2014, Philadelphia, U.S.A; 17th, 2015, Seoul, Korea). Since 2015, ICEC  has been held in Korea again.

ICEC has provided valuable forums for sharing knowledge and information to those in the e-commerce sector and academia and promoted people to people exchanges by organizing e-commerce workshops, business model workshops and etc. ICEC will surely play important roles continuously in such areas as smart mobile e-commerce technology, business method patents & management methods, R&D of business models, the development of e-commerce technologies enhancing public benefits and addressing real sector problems through the enhancement of industry-academia cooperation.


国际电子商务研究中心(ICEC:International Center for Electronic Commerce)成立于1996年,从1998年开始召开电子商务国际大会,这大会每年一次召开世界各地。而且,创办学术期刊《电子商务研究及应用》。 这是现在的顶级学术期刊被引用《社会科学引文索引》。
本研究中心通过企业和政府合作研究电子商务方面的实用知识。尤其是,在早期阶段电子商务时贡献出招商制 、电子支付 、证书认证系统等技术的发展。