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Venue: Conference Hall

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Date & Time Thursday, 17 Aug
09:20-10:05 Keynote Speech 1:
Business Transformation Using Artificial Intelligence: How Do I Get Started? (Kyung-Shik Shin, Ewha Womans Univ.)
10:05-10:50 Keynote Speech 2:
People-Aware Systems – The Challenges of a New Approach (Paulo Novais, Univ. of Minho)
11:10-11:55 Opening Ceremony (Plenary):
– Welcome Address
– Announcement of Intelligence Award Awardees
Keynote Speech 3:
Policy direction toward ‘Smart Connected World’ (Seong Ju Kang, Director general of ICT Industry Policy Bureau at Ministry of Science and Technology)

11:55-12:40 Keynote Speech 4 (Plenary):
Combining Machine-Based and Econometrics Methods for e-Commerce Insights (Robert  J. Kauffman, Singapore Management Univ.)
14:00-14:45 Keynote Speech 5:
How Artificial Intelligence will Redefine Management (Vegard Kolbjørnsrud, BI Norwegian Business School)
14:45-15:30 Keynote Speech 6:
Market Driven Bright Internet Business Models (Jae Kyu Lee, Yonsei Univ.)
15:50-16:35 Keynote Speech 7
Toward GlobalSensing, a world of Interconnected Cognitive Sensors, Network and Storage devices for real time conditions monitoring (Guy Paillet, General Vision Inc.
16:35-17:20  Keynote Speech 8
Artificial Intelligent Systems with Human Internal State Understanding: I Know Who You Are and What You Think (Soo-Young Lee, KAIST & MOTIE)
Date & Time Friday, 19 Aug
09:20-10:05 Keynote Speech 9:
How to apply AI innovatively for your business? (Kyoung Jun Lee, Kyung Hee Univ.)
10:05-10:50 Keynote Speech 10:
ICT-Driven Industry Reinvention (Hong Sung Chang, SK Telecom)
11:10-11:55 Intelligence Award Lecture (Plenary):
DiscoGAN (Taeksoo Kim, SK T-Brain)
11:55-12:40 Keynote Speech 11 (Plenary):
Where the Value of AI comes from? (Jin Hyung Kim, AIRI)

Special Session: AI “Speakers”
Amazon’s AI innovation (WooJin Jung, Amazon)
AI Speaker Trend & Insight (
David Jinyoung Kim, Ph.D., ROA Invention Lab)

15:50-17:20 Keynote Speech 12:
User-Oriented Revolution: The New Paradigm of On-Off Service including Finance, Payment and Content (Kyung Yang Park, Harex InfoTech Inc.)

Keynote Speech 13:
Allwin: the Patented Group Auction for e-Commerce (Jeonggab Lee, Allwin)