Master Class

날짜 및 시간 8월 17일 수요일
(15:30-15:50 휴식)
CRM Master Class
– Customer Strategic Analytics and CRM
(Hyung-Su Kim, Prof. of Hansung Univ.)
날짜 및 시간 8월 18일 목요일
(15:30-15:50 휴식)
IoT Business Master Class
–  Business Strategy for Smart Connected World
(Jungho Jun, Chief Operation & Research Officer of Benple Inc.)
날짜 및 시간 8월 19일 금요일
(10:50-11:10 휴식)
Serendipity Master Class
– Serendipity, the art of making an unsought finding. Can we learn it?
(Pek van Andel & Danièle Bourcier)
14:00-15:30 Business Model Master Class
– SAP’s Business Transformation Overview
– SAP’s Business Model Innovation Methodology
(Sungkwon Kang, Business Transformation Services, SAP Korea)


Serendipity Master Class

Serendipity, the art of making an unsought finding. Can we learn it? (by Pek van Andel & Danièle Bourcier)

Master Class in Serendipity
Serendipity is the art of ‘loose blinders’. It can be taught and learned. A serendiptist needs blinders and must be able to take them off, when he does a surprising observation, to find and test the right abduction. Time, space, freedom are needed for bootlegging and personal research. Like all intuitive operating, serendipity can’t be planned or programmed. If that would be possible, it wouldn’t be serendipity. All we can program is, that, if a searcher does a surprising observation, he gets and takes the freedom, the time and the facilities to study it. One should always keep one eye open for unsought findings. The freedom of opportunity to profit from the unexpected is crucial in visionary research, as Irving Langmuir said. The forty types of serendipity we found show how polymorphous the phenomenon is and help us to expect the unexpected and to find the unsought. Serendipity is, like stupidity, an intrinsic aspect of human behaviour and a comic post hoc phenomenon. L’imagination au pouvoir, fantasy at power, for individual searchers and groups, in its most democratic form. Planning is a must, but plans are not holy. Dare to follow your own track. As Hamlet said: “Readiness is all.