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Sunwoo Jeong 
Freshman of Sunrin Internet High School

Title: Developing VR Game Content Using Unity

Taejin Ha
CEO of VirNect

Title: Do It Yourself VR

Yong  Joon Hyoung
CEO of Makewith

Title: The Alternative for Sustainable Economy: Maker Movement

Hyein Jo

Title: Making CO2 Meter & Nixie Clock

Yong Sik Chang
Hanshin University 

Yong Sik Chang is a Professor in the Department of e-Business at Hanshin University. He had experienced the R&D on MIS at POSCO ICT and received his Ph.D. from KAIST after Sogang University and POSTECH. His main interest is intelligent IT convergence systems and decision-making models related to IoT and data analysis. He published several articles in the academic journals and also published several books on the electronic commerce and web/android development with other authors.

Title: The First Step to Smart Connected Products using Arduino 

While the issue of technology convergence is getting magnified on the era of the fourth industrial revolution, the interest in IoT is gradually rising. The first step for the IoT applications is to understand the principle of IoT well. Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It is a representative development environment to implement IoT systems, and can be also a useful tool for the education to improve creative ability and coding skill in our country that is moving towards the Software Oriented Society.

This presentation is focusing on suggesting the direction of study for beginners to start Arduino for themselves. For that, the presentation introduces the trend of IoT applications, Arduino overview, Arduino development and operating environment, applications of sensors and actuators, serial communication between Arduinos, and Bluetooth communication between Arduino and Android. In addition to that, the presentation shows the diverse IoT prototypes implemented by basic ideas of composing simple Arduino modules. In the short course of the presentation, the beginners can gain their confidence in Arduino applications and may be familiar to IoT.

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Kyuho Kim
Professor of Sogang University

Title: Your Environment at Your Finger Tips: Do IT Yourself Smart Environment @ HOME

Myong Ho Ahn
CEO of DeepNumbers

Title: Algorithm Trading System Development with Machine Learning

Kyung-Shik Shin
Professor of  Ewha Womans University

Title: Machine Intelligence Building Using Supervised Learning

Jinho Kim
KyungHee University

Title: Reinforcement Learning with Python

Jaeyoon Han

KyungHee University

Title: Reinforcement Learning with Python

Yoon-Jae Nam

Professor of Kyung Hee University

Title: Social network analysis – Basic concepts & UCINET usages

Yong Xune Xon
Professor of Revision Consulting

Yong Xune Xon Ph.D. is a data analysis professional with decades of field experience and CEO of revision consulting. He has been participated in many consulting projects in diverse industries including retail, credit card, telecom and manufacturing. He is giving lectures and writing books and columns on CRM, big data, predictive analytics and advanced modeling using machine learning.

Title: Data Visualization using R

Sukjae Choi
Research Professor of Humanitas Big Data Research Center

Sukjae Choi is research professor at Humanitas Bigdata Research Center of Kyung Hee University, Korea. He received BA, MA and Ph.D. at Korea University, 1999, 2001, 2008 respectively. He worked at Carnegie Mellon University as a visiting researcher and Sungshin Women’s University as an asst. professor. His research interests are on Big Data, Information Retrieval and NLP.

Title: Big Data Analysis Using Rhino

The first step for the analysis of unstructured text data is a morphological analysis. Especially Korean is a hard language because of its agglutinative property. RHINO is a Korean morphological analyzer. It separates root and suffix very well in big file refering to circumstantial context.
This tutorial treats how to use RHINO for developer’s purpose.

Taekyung Kim
Professor of  University of Suwon

Taekyung Kim is an assistant professor in Business Administration at The University of Suwon. He received his Ph.D. from Seoul National University in Management Information System. His research publications appear in Information Systems Research, International Journal of Information Management, Asian Case Research Journal and Asian Pacific Journal of Information Systems. He has dedicated to examine information technology use for improving life-quality. Recently, his interests cover food systems, community use for life-style, safety in workplace, and communication design for reducing misunderstanding.

Title: Data Harvesting Using R