SmartConnected.World is the brand new forum for making Connected World with Smart technologies.
Novotel Ambassador Suwon, Korea, August 17-19, 2016

During the past 20 years, we have observed the world changing to a connected world. Stores and customers are connected through electronic commerce and people globally are connected through social media, messenger, and online community. Government and its citizens handle civil affairs as well as exchange opinions through electronic government services and free bulletin boards online. Yes. Here comes everybody! Through so-called “O2O (online to offline)” or “On Demand Economy” services, various offline services such as calling a taxi, chauffeur services, searching for accommodations, laundry services, food delivery services, beauty service, etc. are connected to create new experiences and a new market, innovating the preexistent industry. These changes are evidence to how the world has transformed to a connected world the past 20 years through the Internet and smart phones. For the next 20 years, we will see a smart connected world phenomenon in which smart technologies and connected technologies combine to change the world. Manual driving will evolve to autonomous self-driving for improving human safety and  convenience. Internet of Things (IoT) and O2O services combine to create smart hospitals and smart homes respectively. We can define the smart connected world as a world in which each object will become smart and interconnected. The discourse on the fourth industrial revolution emphasizes the changes in work habits and jobs, and the resultant social influences. For example, the finance sector, through artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, will bring a significant change in the way one works. Business transactions and payment systems will change to more customer centric transaction methods, for example, in which customers will be able to protect their information and determine their prices. Through technologies and business models, today’s dark Internet fraught with hackings, crimes, and frauds will become a Bright Internet of the future. Prospects of ways to enjoy life as well as production and consumption of culture and arts will change. For instance, one can compose music through creative AI techniques such as Jukedeck ( created by Cambridge alumni. Photographs are transformed to new art work through using convolution artificial neutral network technology such as the Prisma application (app) made in Russia. As one could not experience culture and art services such as online cartoons or Pokemon Go 20 years ago, in the smart connected world of the future, one can enjoy new culture and arts services. In the smart connected world, simple IoT technologies such as the Button Internet and virtual reality (VR) technologies are implemented so that ordinary people are able to make smart connected products and services. Additionally, one can construct one’s own smart home and analyze the necessary data and network. Each person handles his AI tools rather than the AI controlling him. One nation’s perspective of looking at the world will change from the industrial perspective of the production value of our products and consumer market. It must be changed to how one nation can construct media and business platforms with originality in the process, in which global consumers’ action and people’s reactions globally are interconnected. We must hurry our preparations as the world is changing more rapidly.

The Smart Connected World 2016(SmartConnected.World) is a new international forum where experts world wide gather to discuss a world more connected through smart technologies.

SmartConnected.World” will deal with major emerging issues from innovative changes, social, economic, cultural and industrial aspects. This conference will engage the people from leading companies with innovative ideas that can move the world, startups with outstanding technology, government agencies and universities.

Our topics include:

  • Smart Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence
  • Connection Technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things)
  • O2O (Online-to-Offline and Offline-to-Online)
  • Smart Connected Commerce
  • Smart Connected Customers
  • Smart Connected City
  • Smart Connected Finance
  • Smart Connected Government
  • Smart Connected Hospital & Healthcare
  • Smart Connected Human & Creatures
  • Smart Connected Makers
  • Smart Connected Media and Entertainment
  • Smart Connected Nations
  • Smart Connected Policies
  • Smart Connected Product
  • Smart Connected Service
  • Smart Connected Schools & Education
  • Smart Connected Transportation
  • Science of Networks such as Network Science and Social Network Analysis


“SmartConnected.World” 背景

8月17日至19日,由韩国国际电子商务研究中心发起主办、 SmartConnected.World在水源 诺富特大使酒店召开。这次大会的目的是为了更好地引导和推动韩国人工智能和互联网、线上线下等的研究及应用,旨在打造韩国人工智能领域最大规模、规格最高的学术和技术年度盛会。