Session Schedule

  • Champagne (Plenary Session)
Date & Time Wed, 17 Aug Thur, 18 Aug Fri, 19 Aug
09:20-10:50 (90′) PLW-01 Special Opening Session: Bright Internet PLT-01 Smart Connected Transportation PLF-01 Organic Media & Organic Business
11:10-12:40 (90′) PLW-02 Smart Connected Commerce PLT-02 Serendipity- Simon Colman PLF-02 AI Applications & KIISS Ceremony
14:00-15:30 (90′) PLW-03 Button Internet
Button Internet: The Tangible and Easy Internet of Things
PLT-03 AI Special Session PLF-03 Engaging Smart Connected Art
15:50-17:20 (90′) PLW-04 Innovative FinTech for Smart Connected Finance PLT-04 Smart Connected Service PLF-04 Smart Connected Health
  • Nantes (Hands-On Session in Korean)
Date & Time Wed, 17 Aug Thur, 18 Aug Fri, 19 Aug
09:20-10:50 (90′) HOW-01 Hands-On Makers Session: Smart Home Makers HOT-01 Hands-On AI for Starters: Deep Learning HOF-01 Hands-On Data for Starters: Big Data Visualization
11:10-12:40 (90′) HOW-02 Hands-On Makers Session: First Step to Smart Connected Product using Arduino HOT-02 Hands-On AI for Starters: Reinforcement Learning HOF-02 Hands-On Data for  Starters: Social Network Analysis
14:00-15:30 (90′) HOW-03 Hands-on Makers Session: Maker Movement HOT-03 Hands-on Experience Session: Machine Intelligence Building Using Supervised Learning HOF-03 Hands-on Experience Session:   Big Data Analysis Using Rhino
15:50-17:20 (90′) HOW-04 Hands-on Maker Tools & Applications HOT-04 Hands-On AI Tools & Applications HOF-04 Hands-On Data Tools & Applications